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Farsi Puri Recipe

Farsi Puri with Methi Flavor – Step by step recipe

A crispy Gujarati snack Farsi Puri recipe made from all-purpose flour. Gujrati Farsi puri resembles mathri in texture, but quite different in taste. Like other snacks, the Farsi puri is a perfect tea-time snack. This Farsi puri can be prepared in advance and stored in an airtight container for around 15-20 days. Avoid exposing them to air […]

sweetcorn bell pepper salad
Breakfast, Snacks

Sweetcorn Bell Pepper Salad – Healthy Salad

Cuisine: Indian Breakfast – Sweetcorn bell pepper salad Preparing Time: 5 min Minutes Cooking Time: 15 Minutes Serving – 2 Ingredient for Sweetcorn Bell Pepper salad 1 cup sweetcorn (soaked in warm water for 10 minutes) 1 small Red bell pepper (Capsicum) finely chopped 1 small Green bell pepper (Capsicum) finely chopped ½ teaspoon Tamarind […]

Elaichi Shrikhand Recipe

Elaichi Shrikhand Recipe – Indian Dessert

Shrikhand is a traditional authentic Indian dessert from the western part of India. Elaichi Shrikhand Recipe is mainly served in summer as a dessert or sweet dish in marriage or other functions.  Elaichi Shrikhand main ingredient is Chakka (Hung Curd) which is very good to have in summers. Ingredient for Elaichi Shrikhand Recipe 250 Grams […]

Tofu Lauki Kofta Curry
Main Course

Tofu Lauki Kofta Curry – How to make Kofta

Lauki or Bottle Goard, it is there in the list of hate veggie for many, especially for children. I am presenting an interesting recipe for you all that you can try, which might change your perceptions about Lauki. Tofu Lauki Kofta! Sounds yummy, isn’t it! It tastes delicious as well. Tofu and Lauki (bottle gourd) […]

Potato Cheese Ball Recipe

Potato Cheese Ball Recipe – From Kalpskitchen

Potato cheese ball recipe is one of the most loved snacks by people of all ages be it, kids or adults. These Potato cheese balls are made with potato and stuffed with lots of cheese. The deep-fried balls look yummy and are very mouthwatering. Potato cheese balls is an easy to make recipe and loved […]

Punjabi Aloo Kadhi
Main Course

Punjabi Aloo Kadhi Recipe – North Indian Recipe

Cuisine: Indian Curry – Punjabi Aloo Kadhi Preparing Time: 10 Minutes Cooking Time: 40 Minutes Serving – 4 Ingredients for Punjabi Aloo Kadhi Recipe For Kadhi: ½ Liter Butter Milk ½ Cup Gram Flour (Besan) 2 Medium Potato ( Cut into equal cubes) ½ Teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste 1 Pinch of asafoetida (Hing) 1 Teaspoon […]

Black Chana Gravy
Main Course, Sattvik Food

Black Chana Gravy – Satvik Recipe

Black chickpeas, also know as Bengal grams, Garbanzo beans or kala chana is one of a very healthy ingredient available in every kitchen. Adding black chickpeas or Kala Chana in your diet is a very healthy option for your body. It is a good source of dietary fiber and rich in protein, vitamins and mineral […]